How to Post Bail for an Inmate

Bail money can be sent by mail to the Eureka County Detentions Facility or dropped off at the jail
(411 North Main Street, Eureka, Nevada 89316).
We accept US money in the following forms:
Cash (for the exact amount)
Western Union money orders in the exact amount of the bail made out to the "Eureka County Sheriff's Office" and sent to Eureka, Nevada as a destination (c/o Eureka County Detentions Facility, 411 North Main Street). If the Western Union was paid in cash, it will generally be available more quickly than if it was charged on a credit card. The Sheriff's Office does not accept credit or debit cards.
The Eureka County Detentions Facility also works with Bail Bonds companies including but not limited to the following agencies.

Elko Bail Bonds, Elko, Nevada
Bartlett Bail Bonds, Ely, Nevada

If you are booked on a bailable charge, you may post the amount of the bail in cash, bond or cashiers check. There are several Bail Bonds available. NO PERSONAL CHECKS OR CREDIT CARDS ARE ACCEPTED.

Bail can also be posted thru the Eureka or Beowawe Justice Courts by Credit Card.