Eureka County, NV has a dog control ordinance.  All dogs over the age of six months within the county must be licensed.  It is also illegal to maintain more than 6 dogs over the age of 3 months.  Farming and ranching operations, who use more than 6 dogs in their operations, are exempted from this limit. 

The fees for registering a dog Eureka County are as follows:
Spayed or Neutered dogs: Five dollars ($5)
Unspayed or unneutered dogs: Ten dollars ($10)
Working dogs: One dollar ($1)
Guide Dogs: One dollar ($1)

Dog licenses may be obtained at the following locations:
Eureka - Eureka County Sheriff's Office; 411 N. Main St.
Crescent Valley - Crescent Valley Town Hall, 5045 Tenabo Avenue. 

All dogs need to be inoculated for the prevention of rabies before a dog license will be issued for that dog.

All fees collected from dog license fees, as well as dog impound fees are deposited into a dog control fund which is used to supplement the funding of Eureka County Animal Control.