Deputy Ernest Evans
E.O.W. 10-17-1907

Deputy Evans was shot and killed when he responded to a disturbance at a local train station.

Deputy Evans encountered two men attempting to force a women onto a train with them. When Deputy Evans ordered the men to stop, one of them opened fire, fatally wounding him. Deputy Evans had been with the Eureka County Sheriff's Office for Two Years.

Sheriff James Rattazzi
E.O.W. 12-06-1938

Sheriff Rattazzi was killed in an automobile accident while returning to Eureka, after going to Palisade on business. The accident occurred 1 mile north of Eureka.
Sheriff Rattazzi served as Sheriff for 16 years. Sheriff Rattazzi was survived by his wife and two children.

We Will NEVER Forget the sacrifice these men made on behalf of the citizens of Eureka County.