The Eureka Courthouse Gallery Hall

Courthouse by Eureka Artist, Gary Link
The Eureka Court House Gallery Hall is a hall on the South side of the Eureka County Court House in Eureka. The hall was created as a result of rennovations to the courthouse and is now being used as an art space. Traveling art shows are hung in this gallery for varying periods of time. We invite you to come enjoy the exhibits as they travel through the historic courthouse. We are also in the process of assembling a permanent Courthouse Collection.

Permanent Courthouse Collection

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Schedule of Upcoming Galleries

Basin and Range, the Exhibition

The Basin and Range exhibition was conceived in 2014 as a group show featuring Southern Nevada artists who were to be invited to create artwork that honored world-renowned artist Michael Heizer’s iconic land art piece Double Negative. The artists included in the project had connections to Southern Nevada, maintained active studio practices, were interested in Heizer’s work, and expressed a desire to participate. After further discussions, the exhibition’s focus was expanded to encompass a larger geographic area, the Basin and Range Province, which includes another of Heizer’s works, the massive City. With the help of Emmanuel Ortega, Melissa Petersen, and Sierra Slentz, additional artists were identified and added to the group. Each of the eighteen artists was encouraged to produce a piece inspired in some fashion by their Basin and Range experiences: the landscape, travel through the region, events that occur therein, or features located within it. Angel Peña of the Conservation Lands Foundation facilitated a visit to the area for a group of artists, who heard talks by Jim Boone, an ecologist with expert knowledge of the area and its exciting history. For many of the artists, this was their first Basin and Range excursion. Suddenly the Basin and Range Province came to life. From this experience, a body of work emerged and the exhibition, Basin and Range, was born. The exhibit featured paintings, prints, photographs, sculpture, ceramics, installations, and performance pieces by eighteen artists from the Las Vegas valley. Robert Beckmann, Mark Brandvik, Natalie Delgado, Brent Holmes, Christopher Jones, Jennifer Kleven, Rebecca Pugh, and Krystal Ramirez focused their work on Double Negative with painting, photography, and printmaking. Greg Higgins in collaboration with Checko Salgado, Julian Kilker, Javier Sanchez, Sierra Slentz, Cristian Torres and Mikayla Whitmore concentrated on aspects of the Basin and Range Province. Another three artists—David Sanchez Burr, Justin Favela, and Elvis Lederer—were invited to develop performance pieces at Double Negative, which were recorded on site, in part by a drone mounted camera. The Basin and Range exhibition debuted at the Donna Beam Gallery, University of Nevada Las Vegas in 2015. The purpose of the exhibition was for artists to respond to and demonstrate their interest in and support of a tract of Nevada land covering over 700,000 acres, now identified as the Basin and Range National Monument. This area not only includes amazing wildlife and incredible desert landscapes and formations, but also ancient and contemporary artwork: hundreds of petroglyphs carved an estimated 4,000 years ago, and Michael Heizer’s mile-long City. As most Nevadans know, there is a great deal more to our state than casinos and Area 51. The Basin and Range exhibition is evidence of that. —Checko Salgado BASIN AND RANGE CURATOR

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Delgato Elemental Transposition Pugh Untitled Salgado The Elder