Eureka Canyon Subdivision Information

Lots For Sale


Resolution November 2012

Development Agreement

Application for Purchase

Subdivision Maps

Overall Eureka Canyon Subdivision Site Map

Plain Talk Newsletters

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May 2010

July 2010

November 2011

Multi-Family & Single Family Documents

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DRAFT Single Family Deed of Trust & Security Agreement

DRAFT Single Family Grant Agreement

DRAFT Single Family Promissory Note

DRAFT Single Family Real Property Agreement

DRAFT Single Family Resolution

Extended Interim Agreement

Multifamily Affidavit of Ownership

Multifamily Deed of Trust & Security Agreement

Multifamily Escrow Compliance Agreement

Multifamily Escrow Disclaimer

Multifamily GBS Deed

Multifamily Grant Agreement

Multifamily Promissory Note

Multifamily Real Property Agreement

Multifamily Seller's Closing Statement

Multifamily Seller's Estimated Closing Statement

Multifamily Title Insurance

Promissory Note for Townhomes

Release of Promissory Note & Interim Agreement

Resolution $1,700,000 Grant for Townhomes

Resolution Multifamily Grant

Stewart Title Cover Letter

UCC Financing Statement Multifamily NRHA

Multi-Family Townhome Designs

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View 4   Master Floor Plan   Building Layout

Other Documents

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VSI Feasability Report  (6 MB)

AC Johnson Report to Commissioners 6/7/2010

BLM Memo Land Sale

BLM Patent 166948

BLM Patent 167527

Design Permit Wastewater

Devil's Gate Audit Report 1997-2010

Eureka Water/Sewer Audit Report 1997-2010

General Moly Lease Agreement

General Moly Lease Termination

Master Plan Update Cost

NRHA Contract MOU

Offsite Water Line Cost

Summary Las Vegas Review 12/17/2010

VSI Summary Report

Water Tank Booster Cost


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